Two weeks across the French Riviera.

Tour across the Cote d’Azur

Every year the Delft Student Big Band goes on tour to the French Riviera, where they perform in many places during a two week period.

From (outside) shows toperformances in cozy restaurants and “public” town squares, to performances at exclusive parties and events as Carlton (Cannes) and Hotel Byblos (Saint Tropez). With such a spectacular performance by the Delft Student Big Band transforms each evening into a celebration that goes deep into the sultry French night.

Starting with modest numbers as Going on and Moten Swing the atmosphere is quickly built up. Slowly but surely, the pace picks up and the first songs guided by a singer pass the revenue. Soon the entire audience is carried away and the first dare to take themselfs on the dance floor. Without prejudice the Big Band goes on to Flight of the Foo Birds, Sing, Sing, Sing and Tequila. Absolute climax ends ties with old well-known big band classics.

Meanwhile the band has made a reputation in the past twenty years, from Saint Tropez to Nice and Monaco to Montreux. Performances at the charming Place des Lices (Le Cafe – Saint Tropez) or beach action at the Plage de la Jetée (Juan Les Pins) prove to be a recurring success.